Second Church of Christ, Scientist, Bellevue.

Learn more about Christian Science in our local community!

You've heard about Christian Science but you want to know more? What’s in it for me and my world? Is it based on the Bible? What does it teach about Jesus? Can you tell me more about Mary Baker Eddy?

A great place to learn more would be to listen to a podcast or watch a lecture on Christian Science either in person or on the Web. These events cover a variety of public topics and show how the teachings of Christian Science bring healing and regeneration to you, your friends and community, businesses, governments, and more. The ideas shared enrich lives regardless of religious affiliations and help you understand how you can use the truths of Christian Science to bless and be blessed.

Each year this Church sponsors Christian Science Lectures here in our community.

Archived Lectures

"The Healing Effect of Your Prayers" - Mark Swinney, C.S.B.

June 24, 2014 - Watch Mark's recorded lecture and the archived online Question and Answer session on the healing effect of prayer.

For more information on Christian Science, you can visit our Church, Sunday School, Reading Room, or